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Customs Broker Services

Customs Clearance


As Customs Brokers, we offer full U.S. Customs clearance services for importers looking to import goods into the U.S.A.  Whether the importer has a one time shipment, or expects to have several shipments over time, we can help.

Our clients forward us any documents related to their import.  With documents in hand, we follow all the necessary steps leading up to cargo arrival, and subsequent customs clearance.  From start to finish, we keep our clients updated on the progress of their shipment, and advise on any necessary actions required on their part to insure trouble-free customs clearance.

We keep our clients in full compliance with all
U.S. Customs regulations as well as those of other federal agencies (FDA, EPA, etc.). 



In-Transit Goods


More and more companies are using the Miami area as a stop for their goods being transported from China, Europe, and Canada through to their final destinations in South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Upon receiving import documents and foreign export information from our clients, we process all the required in-bond customs documents for the clearance and export of their cargo.  In fact, the majority of our in-bond documents (IT, IE, T&E, etc.) are electronically transmitted to Customs for clearance, insuring a quick turnaround that helps companies expedite their exports and avoid unnecessary warehouse storage charges.

Whether the cargo will be exported by air, sea, land, or consolidated at a warehouse, we are equipped to process the necessary clearance.


Warehouse Entries

As Customs Brokers, we prepare the necessary documents for importers to store their cargo into bonded warehouses.  Imported merchandise stored in a bonded facility does not pay duty or taxes until it is released for consumption.  This is a great alternative for clients with large shipments to be sold partially over time, or for companies looking to hold cargo in the U.S. and ship to buyers abroad. 

We assist clients looking to establish a new bonded warehouse facility in making the decision of which type of bonded warehouse is right for their business plan; a Container Freight Station (CFS), In-Bond Export Consolidator (IBEC), Free-Trade Zone (FTZ), etc.  We also assist our clients from start to finish with the application process; from document preparation, to physical site compliance, to final presentation to U.S. Customs for approval.​


Duty Drawback

​Drawback is a refund of duty paid on imported goods that ultimately get exported. Filing for a Duty Drawback Refund with U.S. Customs is a process that must be accurate, as it involves record keeping from the moment entry is made to a product's ultimate export.

As Customs Brokers, we provide a full service solution for importers looking to claim Duty Drawback on imported merchandise to be exported abroad.  We provide the necessary method of record keeping and calculating that will provide the highest level of accuracy, insuring that clients are in full compliance with U.S. Customs regulations and eligible for a Drawback refund.


Customs Bonds & ISF

In order to insure payment of duties and fees, U.S. Customs requires that every entry of merchandise, with the exception of in-transit goods, be submitted with a customs bond for an amount based on the value of the goods and duties owed..  As Customs Brokers we advise our clients on the appropriate bond required for each entry. Whether it is a single-entry bond for a one-time shipment or an annual continuous bond for a frequent importer, we provide the necessary bonds as part of our comprehensive customs clearance services.

In addition, we also prepare Importer Security Filing (ISF) documents for our clients shipping cargo via ocean lines, and provide the required ISF bonds.

Consulting & Support

​In order to keep our client compliant with U.S. Customs regulations, we operate as an integral unit of our clients' import operations. We provide consultations on duties, free-trade agreements, import restrictions, and requirements of other U.S. Federal Agencies such as the EPA, FDA, FCC, USDA, and DOT.

Additionally, we maintain a strong network of both bonded and not bonded transportation providers.  Our connection to these carriers allow us to help our clients move their cargo once it is cleared. We provide transport options ranging from local South Florida deliveries, to across the nation, and even to Canada.

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